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“The Big Trip” gets started in Boston [Day 5]

The first words are finally being typed out. We promised many people we would get something together so they could live vicariously through our adventure but it was also going to be a sort of travel journal for both of us so we remember what we did for a long time into the future.


This “Big Trip” will take us from what we called home in Toronto for 3 years through the United States for 3 weeks. Then onto Mexico and south into the rest of Central America, hopefully getting time in South America as well.


We’ve never done anything like this before; so any constructive comments are openly accepted.


Perhaps a little introduction for those that don’t know us.


Toby is originally from Adelaide, Australia and spent the last few years living in London, UK, Vancouver, Canada and Toronto, Canada working as an Accountant.


Rodora is originally from Sydney, Australia and also spent the last few years in London, Vancouver and Toronto working as an accountant.


What are we doing this all for? We do love travel and seeing new things.


So the building blocks are in place. The blog is alive. We have opened a Flickr account to share the colour and visuals of our adventure.



Toronto to Boston

Where to start? The pieces fell in place with Rodora’s sister and husband coming to ‘Murica for a wedding and vacation at just the right time for us to get moving south.


We took our favourite Canadian airline called Porter and got to sample a final Steamwhistle Beer (locally brewed in Downtown Toronto) as part of the in-flight food and beverage service.


Final Steamwhistle for a long time on the flight from Toronto to Boston

Final Steamwhistle for a long time on the flight from Toronto to Boston


Boston is a great city, but it sure is expensive. It rivals quite closely with New York City which was more than surprising. We stayed at the not so central Boston Ramada ($150/night). The highlight was the waffle maker for breakfast so common in American hotels. The adjoining restaurant also had a deal for Lobster on our first night and boy was it cheap and delicious.


A tasty lobster dinner

A tasty lobster dinner


Touring Boston including going on the duck

After a hearty waffle breakfast we headed into the city to meet up with everyone. First item on the agenda was a Boston Duck tour. This seems to be one of the biggest highlights in Boston and at $32 a person it wasn’t too bad value. You meet outside the science museum and climb aboard a converted World War II military vehicle to drive through part of the city. From here you go into the water and power along the river like a boat. All up the tour takes around 2 hours from start to finish and has an informative guide telling you about the history of Boston.


The Boston Duck Tour

The Boston Duck Tour

The Boston Duck Tour

The Boston Duck Tour


We then went on a walk through the historic part of town and onwards to Boston Common and a restaurant for lunch.


Boston Common with Massachusetts State House

Boston Common with Massachusetts State House


After lunch it was more walking and exploring of Boston including Quincy Market, TD Garden and a visit to the USS Constitution.


USS Constitution

USS Constitution


Toby being a big fan of Cheers just had to stop in at a Cheers bar for a beer.


Toby at the Cheers bar with a fake Norm poster

Toby at the Cheers bar with a fake Norm poster


A visit to Salem – The town of witches

The next day we took a train ($13.50 ea return) to Salem. This is meant to be a great place to spend some time around Halloween, but it was still 2 months away and maybe not as glitzy as it could have been. We did visit the Witch History Museum ($8 ea). It was a little disappointing overall, but if you know nothing about the town or witches, you should probably stop on in.


The town has a lot of history and is generally well set up for tourists. Toby enjoyed visiting some of the old houses and especially the old boat, “The Friendship of Salem”.


The Friendship of Salem

The Friendship of Salem



Red Sox at Fenway Park

Our final day in Boston was a trip to the ballpark. American culture is built on sports and Baseball is one of the biggest. We would see the Detroit Tigers play the home team Red Sox with a very big if not sold out crowd. The Red Sox would play the Detroit Tigers the next month in the World Series and win. However, this day Detroit would win 3-0 sending fans home in a not so happy mood. We got some good seats officially through Stubhub for $85 each.




That night we would have our final Lobster dinner finding a cheap deal and loving every piece of it especially since it was 2 for $19.





Plenty more to explore. Keep following the blog and our Flickr account for updates.


2 comments on ““The Big Trip” gets started in Boston [Day 5]

  1. dassteppenwolfe
    September 18, 2013

    So what happened after? Did R take a self pic with the mtn goats?

    • Tora Traveller
      October 3, 2013

      If Rodora was close enough to try I’m sure she would’ve given it a go. We were actually quite a long way from them up a steep incline. Though other tourists were trying to get closer photos; we didn’t stay to see if they were successful. Thankful for having a long zoom on the camera as we really weren’t sure what was up there until after taking the photo.

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