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Hiking on a Full Moon to get engaged at Sunrise [Day 169]

It has been just over a month since we last posted an update to our blog. Sorry about that. We’ve just finished 6 weeks at Quetzaltrekkers and are again continuing our travels south, so it’s time to get everything up to date.

Full Moon Telica Hike

The tradition at Quetzaltrekkers was for those guides towards the end of their volunteering time to do the monthly full moon hike. For February, the guides that were assigned to do this hike were leaving the day the hike got back so we offered to take their place. As new guides, the full moon hike was a bit nerve wracking as it involves starting the hike at around midnight and hiking all through the night to come back in the morning.

Knowing we were going to be exhausted we tried to sleep and take it easy during the day of the hike and luckily we had the Kay and Stephanie help us in the preparation for the hike. We both found it extremely difficult to get any sleep and decided to bring a local red bull alternative called “Raptor” on the hike instead. We had 10 eager clients turn up to our office at 9.30pm. We started off with eating a hearty dinner to ensure everyone had enough energy to get up Telica and of course offering coffee (so we could all stay awake). The group was mixed with Canadians, Americans and a couple from Israel. We had both gone up Telica in the day but not in the night. We chose to not split the group based on abilities to ensure we wouldn’t lose anyone along the way. We assigned a number to each client in Spanish, which we would regularly count off so we had a way of making sure no-one got lost in the dark.

Along the hike we walk through a variety of several metre high and quite long canyons that have been created by excessive wet seasons rains eroding away the road. These canyons typically hold treasures such as whip scorpions, tarantulas, scorpions and various other small spiders. Rodora jokingly said since we had seen most of the available wild life that we could go home now.

Whip Scorpion Spider

Whip Scorpion Spider



The hike takes around 3 hours to get up to the top and it was really interesting seeing the terrain in moon light rather than the usual sunlight. It was really cool seeing the silhouette of the Santa Clara Volcano with the full moon. Our clients tried to take photos of this but in the dark it’s almost impossible. When we finally made it to the top the clients enjoyed the view of the lava and took numerous photos of the full moon and the volcano. A couple of our clients actually brought their tripods with them and had some great camera gear so they were taking photos of the area for quite a long time. We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the photos from one of the clients the next day

Full Moon

Full Moon

Stars and smoke

Stars and smoke

The lava crater

The lava crater

With the main task done, it was a couple of hours until sunrise, so we decided to find a comfortable spot to relax. We took our time to eat our prepared sandwiches and snacks while lying on our backs and staring at the stars, which were amazing. It was quite a bit colder and windier than we expected it to be. Even with long sleeve clothes we needed to cuddle close to each other to keep warm. When it was time for sunrise we gathered everyone together to take them up to see sunrise. The clients were happy once again as soon as they saw the sun rising over the beautiful countryside.

Proposing on an active volcano

The question of marriage has been coming at various times from various people for quite a while now. I think our families and friends had just figured it would happen at some point in time. Rodora and I had been officially together as boyfriend and girlfriend since April 2009 which was come close towards 5 years. We had been living together for most of that time between Australia, Canada and the last 6 months travelling Central America.

Rodora had always said that the proposal needed to be spectacular and memorable. Honestly, I think she wanted something that everyone else she knew would be jealous of. I had it in the back of my mind from the very moment we left Toronto. I was thinking of important days and events. Christmas and New Years were good but they didn’t seem to quite fit what I was looking for. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Full Moon Telica was a bit of a surprise and landed on the night of Valentine’s Day. I knew in my mind that if the time came where we were both alone that it would be amazing. That moment came as we hiked to sunrise and everyone found their own quiet spot to sit and watch or take a photo. Rodora and I sat together waiting for the sun to rise and I got out the ring and showed it to her. I tried to keep it as quiet and not make it a big event. I asked Rodora to marry me as the sun broke through the clouds and turned the sky orange.



Hiking back with no sleep

It is always a bit of a mental and physical game when people have no sleep and are fatigued. Maybe the Raptor drink we shared did its work as we both had a good amount of energy for the whole morning. It was a very quiet and sleepy looking group on the truck heading back to the office. When we got back to the office we were met by a happy and enthusiastic volunteer (Emily) who had made prepared breakfast for everyone. We were all fairly exhausted by now and just looking for a shower and sleep. We had a lot of fun running this hike as it was completely different from the other Telica hikes and maybe even better as you avoid the scorching heat of the sun during the day.

The tour group on top at Sunrise

The tour group on top at Sunrise

Plenty more to explore. Keep following the blog and our Flickr account for updates.


2 comments on “Hiking on a Full Moon to get engaged at Sunrise [Day 169]

  1. betzee1
    December 14, 2016

    Did she say yes?! ❤

    • Tora Traveller
      January 1, 2017

      Yes she did. We’re now happily married.

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