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Top 5 bad travel experiences


So far we have only really focused on our best of times when travelling, describing how beautiful, spectacular, or amazing something was. How about the worst of times? Unfortunately it hasn’t been all fun and games, so below is our top 5 bad travel experiences.

1. Skimmed debit card (El Salvador) and credit card fraud (from Grand Canyon lodge) surprisingly at the same time.

2. Robbed on a chicken bus (stolen wallet and phone)

3. Losing hard to replace items. Toby’s hiking shoes (any size over 11 doesn’t exist); Bottom of Rodora’s zippy pants (small sizes don’t exist as locals don’t buy hiking gear), Rodora’s sea sick bans (acupuncture doesn’t work with only one)

4. Getting sick at the same time. We had a couple of days in Antigua, Guatemala with a cold/flu and a full day in bed in Huaraz, Peru with most likely some type of altitude sickness. With two men down we couldn’t muster up the the energy to get food and water.

5. Backpackers stealing our lunch. The hostel we were staying at was located 30 minutes from the village in the countryside. There are many beautiful hikes around the area so we bought peanut butter and a loaf of bread for lunch and labelled it with our name in the kitchen. To our surprise it went missing because of a lazy backpacker couldn’t be bothered walking back to town to buy their own supplies.

The only other bad experience is the constant ripping off. If you are a westerner the price seems to quadruple. A way around this has been asking a local in a line for a bus or a local comedor how much they are paying.

However it could be worse throughout our travels we have met travellers in worse off situations from having their small backpack stolen on the bus and having their big backpack checked out by the thief to tied up and thrown in a gutter whilst on a bicycle so are lucky.




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